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This game is way to hard and I did not know any of the questions, but, It is quite obvious that you put a lot of work into this. Not to be mean, but I say you should rethink before making another game like this. As for the guy bellow me, "Garebel",
its kinda sad that The best you can do is to Insult his age and sexuality. being a young or feminine person doesn't mater if your submission is good.


I first played this game when I was 10 years old. It was one of the first online flash games I ever played. Surfing the portal I Noticed this and almost fell out of my chair.
This game is the pure embodiment of hardcore hack n' slash fantasy. The Only bug I found was starting horde mode I spawned off the edge of the platform and fell into oblivion. This, how ever is understandable as you said your self horde mode was not finnished. Two things for other reviewers: 1. You should seriously tell him were the bugs are and how they happend. Saying there's a glitch does not help if he does not know were or what it is. 2. STOP WHINING ABOUT THE FORREST LEVEL! It's not that fucking hard. Anyway, sweet game, cant find all the secrets yet, but I am getting close. Cheers!

Skribble-Style responds:

Hahah thanks man! Glad BB is such a fun game for you :D


Well this was pretty funny. The Funniest part was when he said you get any dont exersice because i played this game right after i finished an hour of tae kwan do practice. I have seen similar flash games before so this isn't an original concept but really, what is? Every thing we see inspiers us to do things. Also a note "filthydeficator" This is the internet. If you cant stand people mis-spelling things, stop paying for your internet, sell your computer and be happy. Also your one to talk considering the fact that you have not submitted any thing to newgrounds.

shizuka6288 responds:

Excellently said


This is the best flash shooting game ever! I love the art style and gameplay. If two more thing would be added to this game it would be GODLIKE. Online multi player
and if the melee weapon was a Katana. this would be totally awesome and i would send you 20$ if you did this.


This is one of the best flash games ever. plenty of awesome physics, interesting art style, and it's awesome that each level is played in different ways. only found one bug;
when standing on a platform going down, the players leg twitch akwardly. its only a minor glitch compered to the rest of the game though. anyway hope you make a second one with more weapons- a shotgun would be nice.

so, sweet game added to my favorites. 10/10 :)


lots of potential, but the game itself is rather dull and repetitive not to mention hard.
I think using these graphics and some of the code, you could make a much better game.


this game is pretty good, but it pissed me off because i was gonna call my next movie jump.


i have had flash for 2 years and i just now learned how to do it!!lol..
anyway, good tutoreal.

best flash game ever

I would give it a 15 but it only goes to ten >:(
this is my favorite flash game EVER and any one who thinks this is a mario/sonic rip-off is wrong!! its just a platform game. the only improvement would be to make it ninja theemd.

Fucking stupid

none of the keys responded in less than five seconds and I have the correct flash player! Plus its almost no different from the original except STUIPIDER


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