Entry #8

So lonely......

2009-06-25 03:46:19 by voodoobob

Some one please comment.... I am Feeling very lonely. If You comment I will give you a piece of pine apple
_ _

So lonely......


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2009-06-25 03:59:25

awww so ronery

Hey cheer up there budday, whats all this sadness aboot eh?

voodoobob responds:

Namely the fact that my brothers NG account has at least 6x the amount of comments as mine. Here's your Imaginary piece of pineapple. *OM NOM NOM*


2009-06-25 04:17:00

Post on the BBS :D


2009-08-08 15:57:31

ah, don't worry man. just make madness teleportation part 2 and everyone will love you.

voodoobob responds:

Do you really think it was that good? I gave up on that project because I spent all of my time on it and it stil was not very popular.....


2010-06-21 07:22:28

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